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#NeverForget, The Vibrant and Memorable Coco — Review (5 of 5 Stars)


By Christina Nicole, Senior Staff Editor

Coco is magnificent and clearly the best animated film of the year. Pixar has created another masterpiece that entertains and tugs on the heart strings. It’s a rare gem. It’s culturally relevant and sensitive without the stigma of appropriation.

The colors in Coco are intensely vibrant and they help breathe life into a film about following your dream, the importance of family, tradition and death. This hero’s journey is one of courage and determination.

Perception isn’t always reality and someone’s irrational reaction to the pain of loss can have tremendous a effect on the generations to come. Miguel’s desire to be a musician is perpetually thwarted by his family, who has lived without music for nearly four generations.

When Miguel is accidentally thrust into the Land of the Dead, he is tasked with the mission of convincing his ancestors that he his desire to be a musician is his true destiny. Miguel’s journey is wrought with the  highs, lows, and near misses combined with fun music and laughs that leave the audience wanting more.

Miguel learns memories and people are lost forever, once we forget them, and it is up to the living to honor the dead and keep those memories alive. The original song, “Remember Me” is an Oscars contender, that warms the heart and puts a tear in the eye.

Coco gets 5 of 5 stars.


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