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MOKO: New Georgia-based Streaming Platform Launching with Good Vibes Only


Atlanta-based Stream MOKO is a brand-new streaming platform featuring curated uplifting and inspiring content as well as original shows designed to help viewers live their best lives.

Fifty top influencers and major celebrities are already on board to create 10-minute content blocks for Stream MOKO. This gives the platform over 100 million cumulative followers from day one. The stars of Stream MOKO are your favorite influencers who have earned millions of followers by producing high quality content that draws viewers in.

“As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, people are looking for an antidote to all of the divisive, depressing news, so we’re giving them a one-stop-shop for feel-good videos to actually improve their mental health and wellbeing,” notes founder and CEO Thomas Cantley. “Positivity has the power to change lives, and we need it now more than ever.”

Cantley believes in the power of positivity so much that he has embedded philanthropy into Stream MOKO’s core mission. The company will donate a full 20% of every subscription to charity.

“This has never been done before, and I’m not budging from it,” says Cantley. “We’ll be partnering with some well-known charities like the Special Olympics as well as supporting smaller causes where we can have a really big impact.”

Imagine a space where viewers can feel good from our content and do good with their subscription. Cantley projects donating over $100 million to charity in the next few years.

Known for his ability to bring people together to make magic happen, Cantley has assembled an all-star team, including Amy Emmerich, former global president and chief content officer at Refinery 29. Emmerich is a visionary media executive with a 25-year track record of innovation, leadership and Emmy-winning original content for brands including HBO, MTV Networks, Travel Channel, and Vice Media.

“We’re not Neflix or Hulu, and we’re not Instagram,” explains Cantley. “We’re disrupting the market with our mood boosting content, our price point and our charitable element. There’s nothing else like this.”

No stranger to doing things differently, Cantley made a name for himself generating awareness for the fight against testicular cancer. After his diagnosis, he traveled 8,000 miles with his dog and a giant 6-foot testicle named Lefty. On a mission dubbed Ballsy, the trio trekked across two countries educating, inspiring and bringing attention to the disease.

Stream MOKO has already received its first VC round and is entering the next funding phase. Partnering with Shadow Creative Studios, as well as investors like K&M Venture Capital Group, the platform plans an October 28, 2021 launch. For more information please


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