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“Who Killed Whitney?” Georgia-based George Koulouris Podcast Focuses on Whitney Houston’s Death


Who turned off the taps?  As we approach the 10th anniversary of Whitney Houston’s drowning death at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, there are a lot of questions–including this one–that not only have gone unanswered, but that people are no longer asking. New true crime podcast Who Killed Whitney? sets out to ask those questions and uncover the truth behind Houston’s death.

Atlanta-based podcaster, comedy writer, and Whitney Houston superfan George Koulouris has been bothered by inconsistencies and bizarre accounts since Houston’s death on February 11, 2012. The nagging feeling that this was not an accident and foul play was involved compelled Koulouris to start digging into the pop icon’s shocking death. Koulouris along with his co-host Shakirah DeMesier is sharing his findings and conspiracy theories in the new podcast. Several episodes are live now on all podcast platforms.

“I am a huge Whitney Houston fan and her “accidental” drowning death never sat right with me. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and felt compelled to dig deeper. There is a wild story here with a ton of twists, shocking reveals, fascinating characters, and surprisingly funny moments. Though parts are dark and grim, there’s also a lot of comedy within this tragedy,” says Koulouris.

Who Killed Whitney? will take a deep dive into the coroner’s report, autopsy findings, toxicology report, documentaries, contemporaneous articles and interviews with individuals close to Houston that were present that day, unveiling the hidden story behind Houston’s death.

“In each episode, Shakirah and I dissect the story and identify where the holes are. And believe me, there are plenty of holes,” adds Koulouris. “This story is not what you think it is.”

Koulouris and DeMesier discuss burning questions such as:

  • When they found Houston in the bathtub, the bathroom floor and the bedroom floor were flooded with water, but the taps to the tub were off. Who turned off the taps?

  • It was noted in the police report the bath water was extremely hot even six hours after Houston had died. How is that possible?

  • Houston’s assistant said she left Houston in the hotel room to go get her cupcakes, but it was revealed she actually went to Neiman Marcus instead. Why?

More information can be found at as well as on social media @whokilledwhitney. Who Killed Whitney? is a Tucker Media production. Host George Koulouris lives in Atlanta Georgia with his husband and floppy-eared basset hound. This marks his second podcast, with The Funniest People I Know being his first. Co-host Shakirah DeMesier is a writer, actor and director from New York, residing in Atlanta.  Executive producer is Kiahnna Kuykendall.


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