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CineMedics Introduces New Mobile Covid Testing for Georgia’s Film Industry


Georgia’s film industry now has a new resource for fast, reliable, and inexpensive Covid testing. Drakos Clinical Laboratories has launched its CineMedics division in Georgia with a mobile lab and a testing facility in Peachtree Corners.

The company is the preferred partner with networks including Hulu and Netflix and has the capacity to serve productions of any size, anywhere in Georgia.

Georgia’s film industry requires an on-site, rapid, cost-effective testing option to keep productions on schedule. Most still require all crew to present a negative test to work on set. Faster test results equal money saved for film productions. For many CineMedics clients, Covid test results can be delivered in an hour or less, with larger groups taking just a few hours. That means fewer production delays, and reduced testing expenses.

Rather than telling crew members they must each find their own testing location before coming to work, all crew can be tested on-site. A rapid text alert system delivers the results.

CineMedics launched in Syracuse, NY in 2020, providing services to productions in that area. They recently worked with CNN’s “Life Itself” conference, Netflix’s “Don’t Look Up” production, and Hulu’s “Big Time Adolescence” production.

They will provide mobile laboratory testing services for COVID, STI, and routine blood work using the newest and highest quality technology with the fastest, most accurate same-day results. Some results will be delivered in less than an hour.

In addition to on-site services for film productions, the company can also serve  large-scale events, aging-in-place communities and private residences, concierge medicine at work or at home. Underserved communities, veterans, and rural populations will also benefit from their services.

“Most labs make you choose between the kind of care you want: you can either get your test results quickly, or you can have testing done in-home—not both,” says Molly Dunegan, CineMedics’ Atlanta Lab Lead Scientist. “Through our CineMedics facilities, Drakos Clinical Laboratories offers the highest quality testing technologies available with on-site service and the fastest results in the Atlanta area.”

By the Numbers:

  • Atlanta – 2,039 sq. ft. clinical lab at 150 Technology Pkwy Suite 101, Peachtree Corners, GA
  • Syracuse, NY – 6,000+ sq. ft. headquarters and clinical lab spaces at 6333 Route 298, Suite 102, East Syracuse, NY and 4000 Medical Center Dr Suite 108, Fayetteville, NY 13066
  • Mobile Labs – 26’ long, 112 sq. ft. “big” lab and 35’ long, 208 sq. ft. “mega” lab for testing service anywhere in the U.S.
  • 4 Employees in Atlanta, GA (and growing!)
  • 50 Total employees deployed across the U.S. and U.K.

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