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How to Break into Game Dev and Esports


Game development and esports remain two of the fastest growing forms of entertainment in the world, with Georgia turning into a leading state for both. Join our panel of experts from Hi-Rez Studios, Skillshot Media and more as they share tips and secrets to help you join these amazing fields. Also, game devs will be there to demo their games and get you involved in playtesting!

Speakers include representatives from Hi-Rez Studios, Skillshot Media and more.

Cooper Fiscus-van Rossum

Program Manager at Skillshot, now serves as commissioner of  the Georgia Esports League.

Check out games like;

Bakemono from Supersane games. A Georgia-made, anime-themed, VR mech-action adventure now in early access on Steam, Bakemono allows you to shoot, wallrun, and fly while having full control over both hands and weapons. Check out a trailer for the game at and get the game at

Super RC Royale from Knitwit Games. This early prototype is an infinitely procedurally generated, vertical 2D racer where out-living your opponents is more important than out-racing them. Stay ahead of the storm and don’t let the other cars push you off the track!

FORGET ME NOT by Thread x Needle studio. In this abstract multimedia action game made for TGD Discord’s 2022 Birthday Game Jam, you tear your way through your memories and excise the pain by any means.

Elemensional Rift by NR UTD. Up to four players playing simultaneously to create a true battlefield of chaos. Simplistic gameplay to pick up but plenty of ingredients to strategize around and master.  Attack with brute force, torment with ailments, bind by sapping their elemental energy, destroy the environment, and whatever else it takes to defeat your foes.  Only one will remain still standing on top victoriously when the mist strewn from the destruction finally clears and no other can muster the ability to fight.

When: 6-9 pm Aug. 9

Where: Gwinnett Technical College, Bldg 900 1105. Meet in the lobby

How Much: Free for all!


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