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Catalyst Productions to Locate in Columbus, Georgia


Catalyst Productions, a creative-focused film and production studio company, announced today their plans to establish their headquarters in Columbus, Georgia. Launched earlier this year, the company is currently based in Pennsylvania. 

“When we decided to form Catalyst Productions, we knew Georgia was where we needed to be,” said John Mock, Co-founder of Catalyst Productions. “The creative energy of the workforce, the state’s film tax incentives and the cooperative government structure made it a clear choice for us – not to mention the year round great weather.” 

Georgia is celebrating continued growth and investment from the film and television industry. In the last fiscal year, productions spent a record-breaking $4.4 billion in the state in 2022. 

“Georgia’s locations fit perfectly with our slate of projects,” said J. Penberth Rabold “Jason”, Co-founder of Catalyst Productions. “After spending 21 years in Los Angeles, it’s refreshing and exciting to establish and settle in Columbus, Georgia. We look forward to hiring local talent and collaborating with officials on the state and local level to create great films.” 

John and Jason are joined by Alayna K. Mock, and Shannon Rabold as the founders of the company. Catalyst Productions brings a combined 40-plus years of content creation experience and is driven by developing thought-provoking projects that create a conversation around the truths of the world we live in. These stories challenge audiences to discover the greatness within and live for something greater than themselves. 

John Mock continues, “We built Catalyst on the foundation of what the catalyst moment is in every story – The moment in a character’s journey where life as they knew it changes forever. Our mission at Catalyst Productions is to create a space for creativity to thrive and for upcoming, undiscovered voices of writers and directors to be discovered, heard, and empowered to tell their stories without the politics and roadblocks that other studios put in place.” 

“Columbus has a majority of the locations, infrastructure and resources we need to succeed including Flat Rock Studios,” said J. Penberth Rabold. “As we move into 2023, we are excited about workforce development and partnership opportunities in Columbus and statewide.” 

For more information about Catalyst Productions, visit their web site at

Penberth Rabold (310) 661-1454 

John Mock (717) 701-0905


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