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American-European Entertainment Fund Appoints Georgia’s MB Bailey as a Special Consultant for North American Operations


APX Group has announced an important add to its growing North American team. Bailey MB, an actress, producer and highly experienced business executive joins the North America Team of APX as a special consultant on film packaging and the integration of Georgia into APX’s Network. Bailey shall also consult on US compliance and regulatory issues arising from the full integration of the monetary structure of APX into blockchain, represented by its of-late introduction of its unique crypto currency – the APXCOIN .

Bailey will report directly to the new COO and head of North America Operation, Andrew Capper.

Adi Cohen, Chairman of APX Group:

“It is wonderful to have Bailey with us at APX Group. Bailey includes within her a complete vision of the film industry. She is an actress, a producer, an executive and a businesswoman who understands the shape of the future of the film and tv industry. APX’s will be aided by Bailey’s consul at making decision to expend into the bustling scene of filmmaking in Georgia while taking full advantage of its decentralized monetary structure through its Crypto Currency, The APXCOIN which was designed and structured to support the growing network of studios and production facilities under the banner of APX Group.

About Bailey MB

From Atlanta, GA, a two-time Georgia State Certified Mediator by the State Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution, with a specialty in Hostage Negotiation by Harvard Lawyer, Bob Berlin. Bailey has extensive previous experiences such as, an IRS Enrolled Agent, Global Compliance Fraud Specialist, and Founder of Lifeline Ministries Rehab for Women.

She jumped on board when the film industry began its move to Atlanta with first experiences on Red Road with Jason Momoa, RideAlong2, and various commercials and features. Bailey is fueled by a desire to continue full time work in the industry and develop film projects with producing partnerships. Bailey encompasses depth of knowledge of the film industry, and high-profile inter-connections.


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