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Commentary: How Georgia Manages Economic Risk Through Diversification


Commentary by Randy Davidson, President of Georgia Entertainment News

Georgia’s economy is rolling, stacked with diverse industries – like a mutual fund neutralizing risk, hedging against forces like inflation, interest rate fluctuations, and other slow down factors. At the core is the state’s investment over the years in the creative and entertainment space – film, digital production, music and gaming.

As a risk neutralizer, the the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act’s performance is clear. A recent example is how the industry lead the way for Georgia during and immediately after the worst of the pandemic. But Georgia’s investment is not only a risk mitigator and diversification strategy, it has created jobs Georgians want and has progressed communities to being even more desirable for big/multi-national firms to locate to the state – working hand and hand.

David Sutherland of UGA’s Terry College of Business is doing a series with us to discuss these topics. It’s a timely analysis considering the review of the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act focused on film. Take a look at this narrative.


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