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Assembly Atlanta: A Game-Changer for Dunwoody


In a resounding leap forward for the film and entertainment industry, Assembly Atlanta has recently
opened its doors in the city of Doraville, Georgia. This new studio complex, born from the expansion of the renowned 3rd Rail Studios, introduces an impressive addition of 19 sound stages to the existing three, creating a staggering total of 22 sound stages. But what sets Assembly Atlanta apart from other studios? It’s not just the state-of-the-art facilities and talented crew; it’s the captivating facades that transport you to iconic locations around the world, from the vibrant streets of New Orleans to the grandeur of New York and the charm of Europe. This immersive experience is just the beginning, with Phase 2 of Assembly Atlanta promising an exciting public component that will undoubtedly leave its mark on the community and the wider region.

The impact of Assembly Atlanta on the local community, particularly in the nearby city of Dunwoody, is
poised to be nothing short of transformative. Located just 12 minutes from set to bed, Dunwoody is
primed to benefit from the studio’s presence in myriad ways. The city is home to 10 hotels, each set to
experience increased occupancy as production teams, talent, and visitors seek convenient
accommodations. Furthermore, the city’s shopping scene, exemplified by the renowned Perimeter Mall,
is bound to see a surge in activity, with an influx of patrons enjoying retail therapy during their

As the cast and crew wrap up their work on the sound stages, Dunwoody’s thriving restaurant scene
beckons, offering an array of culinary delights to satisfy any palate. The city’s diverse selection of
restaurants will cater to the tastes of those seeking a quick bite or a memorable dining experience.

Beyond hotels, shopping, and dining, Dunwoody’s entertainment scene, featuring popular locales like
Ashford Lane, and the upcoming Campus 244 and High Street developments, is poised for a remarkable
boost. The influx of thousands of daily workers at Assembly Atlanta, 10% of whom are anticipated to be
from out of town, will ensure a steady flow of visitors looking to explore the city’s entertainment
offerings. With a wide range of activities and venues to choose from, these visitors will have no shortage
of options for their leisure time.

The economic impact doesn’t stop at the consumer level; it extends to job creation as well.
Approximately 90% of the thousands of daily workers at Assembly Atlanta are expected to be local
residents, who will be fortunate to seize career opportunities within the film and entertainment
industry, boasting attractive benefits and growth potential. This not only provides stable employment
but also bolsters the local economy and ensures that the benefits of this cinematic expansion are
enjoyed by the broader community.

The influence of studios like Assembly Atlanta stretches far beyond the city limits. The state of Georgia,
already known for its enticing tax incentives, has become a hub for film and television production. With
an increasing number of studios choosing Georgia as their home base, the state is creating a significant
impact on the national and international entertainment industry. Not only does it attract filmmakers,
actors, and crew members, but it also stimulates local businesses and services, contributing to the
state’s economic prosperity.

As the film and entertainment industry continues to thrive in Georgia, the potential for expansion into
areas like Dunwoody is promising. The positive ripple effect of Assembly Atlanta’s opening on the
community and the broader region is a testament to the power of the film industry in creating economic
growth and enriching the cultural fabric of the region. We eagerly welcome productions to Georgia and,
hopefully, to the vibrant community of Dunwoody, where our diverse offerings and hospitality provide a
warm and inviting backdrop for the creative world of entertainment.


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