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South Georgia Studios Hosts Georgia Entertainment Roadshow: A Game Changer for the Region


In a groundbreaking event, South Georgia Studios recently played host to the Georgia Entertainment Unscripted Roadshow in Valdosta, Georgia. Randy Davidson, Founder of Georgia Entertainment made it known that all eyes are on the state for movie industry. The gathering drew hundreds of influential figures, including business leaders, legislators, filmmakers, and actors, marking a significant moment for the burgeoning film industry in the South Georgia.

The highlight of the event was the pivotal announcement by the Georgia Film Academy (GFA), unveiling a strategic partnership with PhilanthroFilms to extend its reach to South Georgia. This collaboration aims to provide courses and curriculum, creating accessible paths for individuals to explore careers in film, television, and esports. DeAnnia Clements, President of Wiregrass Technology College is set to pioneer this initiative by offering courses starting in Spring 2025, with additional universities and technical colleges in the area slated to follow suit.

Scott Votaw, assistant vice chancellor at the University System of Georgia and leader of GFA, expressed the significance of expanding their presence in South Georgia, stating, “Expanding our reach to South Georgia is crucial to developing a film and creative workforce across our state.”

The excitement surrounding this development was palpable, with the promise of unique courses and curriculum making their debut in the southern part of Georgia. This move not only establishes GFA’s presence in the region but also signifies a concerted effort to address the growing demand for skilled professionals in the film and creative industries.

One of the highlights of the event was Angela Ward, host of The Game Changers, conducting insightful interviews with key figures in the industry. Scott Votaw, the assistant vice chancellor for the University System of Georgia, discussed the pressing need to create accessible paths for people to discover careers in film, television, and esports. The Georgia Film Academy, through its three-system alliance, is at the forefront of workforce development, bringing high school and college-level education in various entertainment fields to Valdosta residents through local institutions.

The Game Changers host also engaged in a conversation with Alexander Kane of WorkHorse Cinema, a prominent figure in South Georgia’s film industry. Having produced over $90 million in film productions, Kane shared his experiences, including working with renowned actor Bruce Willis. Kane emphasized the familial aspect of his team, reflecting the collaborative spirit that defines the region’s growing film community.

This event marks a game-changing moment for Rural Georgia, positioning itself as a force to be reckoned with in the film industry. While Hollywood has traditionally dominated the film landscape, South Georgia is now asserting its presence and declaring, “We got next!” The momentum generated by this initiative promises to reshape the narrative and make South Georgia a prominent player in the ever-evolving world of entertainment. State Representative John Lahood ended the event with a powerful prayer. Stay tuned for the exciting developments that will undoubtedly follow in the wake of this historic event.


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