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UGA Terry College of Business Graduate Students Study and Explore the Creative Economy


Four projects were launched as part of UGA Terry College of Business Graduate School’s “Innovative Projects for the Creative Economy” course. The projects address several industries in Georgia’s Creative Economy including eSports, Audio & Music, Film, and a special project to develop a career assessment tool that includes creative jobs measures. (See photos below and additional commentary here.)

Randy Davidson, CEO of Georgia Entertainment addressed the project teams describing the importance of the projects. “We in Georgia have an opportunity to differentiate ourselves from other creative centers like California and New York by better integrating our creative industries, and your work will be a big part of this.”

Each project is being done for a client. The client contacts in attendance included Andrew Ratcliff, CEO of Tweed Recording Studio, Lynda Smith, Founder of Entertainment Tourism of Georgia, Dugan Bridges, President of F7 Film Distillery and William McLane, CEO of Yom Ice Cream.

For the past six years, under the guidance of David Sutherland, PhD, Terry’s Graduate Business students have had the opportunity to take courses focused on the Creative Economy. The students have looked at the broader $2.2 trillion global Creative Economy, the narrower $1.2 trillion US Creative Economy, and have been able to take on projects for the specific $62.5 billion Georgia Creative Economy.

“To me it is very exciting to show our students opportunities to work in the Creative Economy.” Sutherland stated. “All creative industries require business skills and the more these students understand how creative industries work, the more successful they will be.”

The students will report their results in early May. “It is a short timeframe,” said MSBA student Katelyn Georgia Bond, “but our passion for these topics will drive us forward!”

More details about these projects will be released soon.



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