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Georgia Entertainment Announces Reel & Permanent Good – Amplifying Voices in Entertainment on February 21


Georgia Entertainment in partnership with Fulton Films invites you to Reel & Permanent Good – Amplifying Voices in Entertainment. On February 21, we will bring together the vibrant community of film, gaming, music and other entertainment executives that make up Georgia’s Creative Economy. The event, the intersection of Georgia’s entertainment renaissance and inclusive philanthropy, will be a convergence of industry leaders and visionaries, reflecting our commitment to shaping a more inclusive future for the state’s creative industries.

“We are very excited to hold our first event focused on inclusion inside the Georgia’s growing creative industries,” said Randy Davidson, CEO of Georgia Entertainment. “Our events have been very successful in terms of education and our mission is the same here. I believe Georgia has a huge opportunity to be proactively inclusive and forward thinking in an industry that is relatively new for the state.”

Featuring keynote speaker, Daniel Blackman, Senior Advisor and avant garde statesman, the event has a stellar lineup of thought leaders and industry influencers. Programming will include legislative and creative entrepreneur panel discussions, and a celebrity fireside chat led by Blackman.

“In the heart of the New American South lies a place where history, culture and entertainment intersect to create an undeniable force of creativity and change. Georgia, with its rich Civil Rights legacy, burgeoning film industry, has emerged as a blueprint for how the world of entertainment can be a catalyst for both short-and long-term cultural transformation,”  Daniel Blackman, Senior Advisor & avant garde statesman.

“The film industry can prioritize voices and stories, representing a wide range of cultures, experiences, and backgrounds. By telling stories that resonate with audiences from all walks of life, Georgia can set an example for the world on how entertainment can promote understanding and empathy,” continues Blackman.

Thanks to our partners for helping us make this event possible: Fulton Films, Trilith Studios, Reel Supplies, ICP, and RDH Partners.

“REEL Diversity is a real issue in the industry. The Fulton Films Office is pleased to partner with Georgia Entertainment to provide a venue for this necessary conversation,” states Shaunya Chavis-Rucker, Fulton Films. “Conversations can ultimately lead to change.”

The event is being held February 21 from 3PM – 6PM at the Emma Darnell Aviation Center. While the event is free to attend, attendees must register in advance as space is limited. Please RSVP here.


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