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SCAD’s Impact on Georgia: $1.3 Billion, Contributes $127 Million in Tourism to the State


SCAD generated $1.3 billion in annual economic impact for the state of Georgia, a 70% increase from the last report conducted for fiscal year 2019. This value is attributed to the university’s positive influence on the vitality of the economy in the state through jobs, student and visitor spending, large investment on capital projects, operational spending, public events, alumni earning power, charitable giving and public safety.

On the regional level for the Metro Atlanta area, the university’s economic impact more than doubled over four years to $328.5 million of direct spending ($115.9 million) and indirect spending ($212.6 million) because of SCAD’s presence. From an employment standpoint, SCAD supports 852 jobs in Metro Atlanta. SCAD’s spending on capital projects, development and planning projects and suppliers supports an additional 2,613 indirect jobs in the region.

SCAD’s economic impact on the Savannah area for 2023 fiscal year was $1 billion which represents the direct impact of spending in Savannah ($255.1 million) and indirect spending because of SCAD’s presence ($744.9 million).

In totality, the university employs more than 2,300 people and impacts more than 12,000 jobs across the state. Furthermore, approximately 18,000 SCAD alumni live, work and generate impact in Georgia – SCAD alumni living in the state generated $12.5 billion in economic impact.

Enrollment is now at 17,500 across university locations in Atlanta, Savannah, Lacoste, France and online via SCADnow. The university has experienced record growth and enrollment for SCAD Atlanta campus with an increase of 8% for the 2023-2024 academic year- current enrollment isover 3,200 students.

The university’s signature festivals, events, screenings, museums, all open to the public, generate $127 million in tourism for Georgia.

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