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Savannah Is Quickly Becoming the Artistic Heart of the South


Easily one of the most beautiful places in Georgia, it doesn’t take much convincing to get people to visit Savannah. In some parts of the city, it’s like you’ve exited a time capsule into a nostalgic, charming town of yesteryear covered in Spanish Moss. But it’s also a creative hub thanks, in large part, to the celebrated Savannah College of Art and Design.

An undercurrent of artistic energy is pushing the city to grow and change more each year, with noteworthy exhibits, eclectic shopping destinations, and creative new dining options opening up all the time. So the next time you’re looking to change up your routine in Atlanta, hit the road and visit Savannah, where historic charm and new-age flair converge in the South.

Savannah can get a bit of a stuffy reputation, but a new wave of artists and students at SCAD are chipping away at that bit by bit—and visitors are benefitting. The best places to see the change firsthand are smaller galleries around the city and other spots where artists pop up to sell their wares, plus the streets of Savannah’s hippest neighborhood, Starland District. The weekly Forsyth Farmers’ Market, which begins just past the city’s iconic fountain, draws local artists who set up along the park’s main path with paintings, handmade jewelry, and other art. More established places like the Henny Penny Art Space and Cafe, a craft coffee shop that hosts a constant stream of artistic events for all ages.

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