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Georgia Entertainment collaborates with leading organizations to advocate for strong policy toward the film, broadcast, music, digital production and video gaming/esports industries in the state. From the creative and entertainment capital of the world, we reach thousands of entertainment executives and political leaders to educate, engage and entertain via our publications, social outlets and events. Contact us to learn how you can get involved.

Recent advocacy commentary, analysis and news: 

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Georgia’s Rural Creative Economy

In my last article I highlighted the need for “Cultural Clarity” in Creative Economies and described the need to better define which creative industries are considered in Georgia’s Creative Economy. In this article I will focus on our state’s investment in the arts, Georgia’s Rural Creative Economy, and how the Film Industry can be a foundation for Rural Economic Development in the state of Georgia.

Advocacy - Engage
Gov. Kemp: Georgia Breaks Tourism Records in 2022 – $73 Billion

“Georgia’s tourism economy is the strongest it’s ever been!” said GDEcD Chief Marketing Officer Mark Jaronski. “The pandemic shut down travel around the globe, but not here. Thanks to the leadership of Governor Kemp, our General Assembly, Commissioner Wilson, and the men and women of our statewide tourism industry, including our state tourism office and expert marketing and communications team, travel to and within Georgia and its ensuing benefits to our state’s economy and Georgians are higher than ever, establishing an unprecedented legacy for years to come.”

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