Assembly Atlanta: A Game-Changer for Dunwoody

In a resounding leap forward for the film and entertainment industry, Assembly Atlanta has recently opened its doors in the city of Doraville, Georgia. This new studio complex, born from the expansion of the renowned 3rd Rail Studios, introduces an impressive addition of 19 sound stages to the existing three, creating a staggering total of 22 sound stages. But what sets Assembly Atlanta apart from other studios?

Advocacy - Engage
Details: Georgia Entertainment 100 at Games Week Georgia

In the middle of Games Week Georgia, the Signature Georgia Entertainment 100 event takes place at Skillshot inside the Atrium at Uptown Buckhead. The invite only networking event is at capacity and includes over 500 top entertainment executives, elected legislators, government officials and influencers from Georgia and beyond.

In Netflix Hit ‘May December,’ Savannah Sets the Stage

Moviegoers and lovers of complex drama will adore Todd Haynes’ new flick May December, but Savannahans will fall head-over-heels upon seeing many of their favorite locales as the host of its most pertinent scenes. Actors, Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore star in the film, shot entirely on location in Georgia’s most historic city.

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