Film, Gaming and Entertainment Events to Consider This December

Georgia’s creative industries are bustling this month. There is so much happening as productions sprint to a brief holiday pause before full steam ahead in 2024. Mixed in with all this activity are several great events. Almost daily there are ways one can fill up their social calendar and we will do our best to keep covering these as they happen in our newsletter and social outlets.

In Conversation With Georgia Casting Director Shay Bentley Griffin

Not only has Griffin helped launch the careers of regional talent like Walton Goggins and Kyle Chandler, she helped found the Georgia Production Partnership and was one part of the committee that helped create the entertainment tax incentive program that’s brought so much film and television production to Georgia. 

Brian Robinson: ‘Keep the Film Tax Credit’

Neal has worked on the water for more than 25 years, with a business that specialized in boat and kayak tours. But when the film business began to expand in Georgia early in the last decade, productions started renting boats and other equipment from him. He saw an opportunity and seized it.

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