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Special Report: Athens Rocks the Film World Too

If it happens in Athens, it has mad creative energy, whatever the occasion. This was definitely the case for the first stop of the Georgia Unscripted roadshow late last week at Tweed Recording, where the event revealed the industry’s next steps toward more success in Athens and statewide.

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Georgia Trend’s Ben Young: Georgia Music on My Mind

Unlike actors in the film industry, musicians have been pummeled by streaming and digital services that pay pennies on the dollar. Don’t let the extraordinary success of Taylor Swift fool you – it’s become exponentially harder for a musician to make a living since the sale of physical merchandise like CDs and vinyl records was decimated by digital streaming.

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Creative Breeding Ground: Athens Oozes Originality

The volume of creative entertainment industry players in Athens is only one reason why the city is the first stop on Georgia Entertainment News’ first nine-city Georgia Unscripted roadshow, to be held June 22, 2023, at Tweed Recording, a training ground for students building careers making music and content for film, TV and other media.

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