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Film career is an intersection of good luck and hard work

Like many people, Sara was a fan of the movies. But what she really enjoyed was getting a peak at behind-the-scenes footage of the people who create films. Film production was her dream but opportunities were scarce in her hometown of St. Simons Island so she pursued graphic design instead.

Behind the Scenes of ECG’s 2018 Demo Reel

Therefore, coming up with a new concept each year to keep it fresh and current with our goals and with the market trends is an important and somewhat challenging task. We have several brainstorming sessions, but our director Jason Sirotin came up with the winning concept this year.

ECG video reel: Are you serious?

These guys just do straight quality work. This is one of the best reels we have seen. Note that the stuntman in this is from the Spiderman movies. Great timing and illustration of quality work leaving the viewer wanting more.

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