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“BOX” announces costar Kylie Szymanski from the walking dead filmed in Georgia


Box Movie Synopsis

The film opens with a man who has just committed accidental murder. After disposing of the body, the man rushes home to find an eerie large wooden box on his door step. Frightened yet intrigued, the tired man reluctantly carries the box inside.  He begins to experience frightening  visions; is he going insane? Is it his conscience telling his something ? Not knowing who might have put it there or why, his only chance to escape from this nightmare is to open the mysterious box and prepare for what’s inside.

Callback to Original Scares

Box is expected to make the rounds on the festival circuit next year, and in an interview with The Nightmare Network, Dempster said that he is hoping for VOD distribution in Spring 2017. When asked about how funding was acquired for the project, Dempster said, “Box actually wasn’t funded; it was the three of us (who) got together and we basically wanted to make the most ambitious project we can using old-school stripped-down techniques, really bringing the tension back and not relying on cheap scares and CGI. All the effects are practical effects – which, I’m an 80s kid, so that really spoke to me.”

The film is expected to be completed by the end of the year, with an anticipated appearance from Kylie Szymanski, who played the role of The Governor’s daughter Penny on The Walking Dead.

Dempster believes in pushing himself and the actors to reach new heights in the film, which he describes as “shockingly twisted.”

“I believe in just really, really pushing myself and the few others in the film to the limits of insanity, and just really, really driving through the screen the horrors that my character goes through. It should be a very interesting film.”

Further trailers will be available on the facebook page in the coming months, but for now, check out the first look at Box.


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