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Take a tour of Tyler Perry’s massive new studio on a former Army base in Atlanta


Better make sure that door is fastened,” Tyler Perry says, slipping into the driver’s seat of a small off-road utility vehicle as his passengers climb in. “I wouldn’t want you to fall out.”

With a sly smile, Perry — the most successful African American filmmaker in history and the ruler of an entertainment empire of hit movies, TV series and plays — maneuvers the vehicle from a parking lot near the entrance of the historic Ft. McPherson Army base onto a paved road. Suddenly, he veers off into a massive, rolling sea of lush greenery.

He passes various sights on the vast, grassy landscape; a white yacht resting on a platform, surrounded on three sides by sheets of greenscreen; large ponds with frolicking geese; a trailer park; a cluster of well-kept brick buildings. No one is around. The only sound is the roar of Perry’s engine.

“For me, this is pure paradise,” Perry says, surveying the view with obvious pride.

See the tour at LA Times


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