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How Ray Kroc movie ‘The Founder’ replicated suburban sites in Georgia


In John Lee Hancock’s bio-drama “The Founder,” Northwest suburban businessman Ray Kroc, played by Michael Keaton, beholds an empty tract of land on Lee Street in Des Plaines that will become the site for the first franchised McDonald’s restaurant.

The movie, opening Friday, also shows us Kroc’s brick home in the Scarsdale subdivision of Arlington Heights, the village where he hobnobs with the social elite at the Rolling Green Country Club.

These locations, along with the first McDonald’s restaurants in Schaumburg, Waukegan, Milwaukee and other Midwestern places, look as if they’ve been photographed at their original sites.

Nope. It’s all Hollywood sleight-of-eye magic.

All those key settings in “The Founder” were built or photographed in the state of Georgia, where tax incentives, milder weather and less expensive labor attracted the budget-conscious producers.

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