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Sundance Film Festival sees more from Georgia’s booming industry


Driving anywhere in metro Atlanta, it’s hard to miss the mustard yellow signs with blocky black text affixed to electric poles and street signs. Random words and arrows point toward roads lined with trailers and sets that come down as quickly as they go up. Simply put, Georgia’s film industry is booming.

Scenes from downtown Atlanta can be seen in “The Yellow Birds,” a military drama based on the book by Kevin Powers, starring Jennifer Aniston and Toni Collette. The film is about two young soldiers who fight in the Gulf War, but only one comes back home. When the Army refuses to release the deceased soldier’s body to his mother, played by Aniston, she goes on a mission all the way to Congress to find out what happened to her son. Up-and-coming actress Renee Willett plays alongside Aniston as Claire, a congressman’s aide who assists Aniston’s character.

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