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Everett Verner talks about Bragg Jam, Macon’s much-beloved summer music festival


Everett Verner is fun to talk about music with. He’s well-versed across a variety of genres, he’s opinionated without being overbearing, he’s been to a ton of shows and festivals and has good stories to tell, and he has an articulate, intelligent way of expressing his aesthetic.

During our lunch conversation, he discussed his youthful obsession with (and subsequent post-lousy-live-reunion-show disillusionment with) Weezer, his “almost cliché” but no less sincere love of Neutral Milk Hotel, his favorite artists of the moment (the Australian band Swimwear; the Michigan solo artist Absofacto) and his belief that The Roots are a thoroughly amazing band who could cover any song impeccably. Shirod Cooley, better known as Shawty Slim, B.o.B.’s tour DJ, came over to say hi as we were talking, and the two of them launched into a conversation about running into one another in front of a Public Enemy show they couldn’t finagle their way into at a SXSW festival some years back, which led to discussion of seeing the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, and ScHoolboy Q live.

Everett’s not a musician himself – “I can count to four, but not in rhythm,” he says; he’s happier in the audience, or in a role that puts his organizational talents to use, which is why he’s done such a stellar job as president of the board of Bragg Jam, Macon’s much-beloved summer music festival, for the past three years.

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