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Beltline eyes more movie shoots to help finance construction


In the first season of “Stranger Things,” police chief Jim Hopper discovered a corpse of the missing child Will Byers at the bottom of a quarry. The body, in a plot twist, turned out to be fake.

What wasn’t fake was the quarry. That scene was filmed at Bellwood Quarry near an unfinished stretch of the Beltline.

Clyde Higgs, CEO of Atlanta Beltline Inc., thinks the Beltline has plenty more to offer the entertainment industry. The producers of “Stranger Things” found the Beltline’s quarry on their own. With a bit of marketing effort, Beltline leaders think they can lure many more filmings…

The Beltline needs millions to acquire more property, grade sites for building a walking path, install lighting, erect staircases to connect elevated trail sections with lower street levels, and much more. The 22-mile loop of bike and walking paths, greenspace, affordable housing and potentially mass transit passes through dozens of intown neighborhoods. Less than half has been completed.

“We are constantly seeking additional funding sources to build projects faster,” Higgs said. See more at AJC.


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