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GAMEMASTER to Debut from Georgia-based Peach Maria Productions


A new esports reality show, GAMEMASTER, will debut on a streaming service in Spring 2020. The nine-episode show will feature Wil Wheaton as the Commissioner/Host and showcase 12 amateur esports contestants from across the U.S. Ripped from their gaming chairs and plunged into our world, these gamers will live together in a house under the inescapable spotlight of a competition being broadcast on platforms around the globe. The contestants will be announced soon.

Over the course of nine episodes (featuring more than two dozen video games), the reality show will find fan favorites, mortal enemies, awesome games, cool gear, and tremendous audiences — all in a quest to discover the one, true “GameMaster.” Twelve amateur gamers start out, someone goes home each week, and two will battle it out at the finale to grab the $100K cash prize and claim the title.

GAMEMASTER is being produced by Georgia-based Peach Maria Productions (pronounced muh-RY-uh), and will be powered by AMD.

“GAMEMASTER takes the love of gaming and elevates it to a whole new level through the first immersive, multi-platform, head-to-head competition for both casual and diehard gaming fans,” said show creator and executive producer John Colp. “Our players won’t play the same game from noon to night. They will play different games throughout and, at the end, the person who has the best cumulative score will be crowned the champion.”

“Gaming is part of almost all of our lives, whether on consoles or computers or phones, we’re all gamers in some way,” says executive producer Laurie Lockliear. “GAMEMASTER celebrates the joy, tech and humor that gamers love – whether you’re a professional player or you’re playing solitaire on your phone!”


  • Sunday, March 15 | SXSW Gaming Awards
    GAMEMASTER Host and Commissioner Wil Wheaton will host the SXSW Gaming Awards, which celebrate the wide reach of gaming across areas such as art, design, narrative, gameplay, cultural innovation and more. Held during the annual South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, the awards are part of the SXSW Gaming Expo, which is part of the SXSW Interactive branch of the festival.

  • Saturday, March 21 | 3pm | Palmer Events Center, Discovery Stage
    Wil Wheaton will be featured on the panel, entitled, GAMEMASTER with Wil Wheaton. Joining him will be Executive Producer and show creator John Colp, Executive Producer Laurie Lockliear, and Head Writer Michael Sokol.

Every successful sporting league needs a strong leader. The NFL has Roger Goodell, the NBA has Adam Silver … GAMEMASTER has Wil Wheaton.

Wil Wheaton loves to tell stories. He’s been doing it his whole life. By age 10, he had already been acting for three years. In 1986, at age 12, he earned critical acclaim as Gordie Lachance in Rob Reiner’s “Stand By Me”; at 14, he began his four-year turn as Wesley Crusher on the hit TV series “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

Since then, Wil has appeared in dozens of films and TV series, with recurring roles on TNT’s “Leverage,” SyFy’s “Eureka,” and the hit webseries “The Guild.” He is the creator, producer and host of the webseries “Tabletop,” credited with reigniting national interest in tabletop gaming. Most recently, he played a fictionalized version of himself on CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory,” one of the most highly-rated and watched sitcoms of the last decade.

An accomplished voice actor, Wil has lent his talents to animated series including “Family Guy,” “Teen Titans,” “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Batman: The Brave and the Bold.” His video game credits include four installments each of the “Grand Theft Auto” and Tom Clancy’s “Ghost Recon” series, as well as “Fallout: New Vegas,” “DC Universe Online” and “Broken Age.”

His audiobook narration of Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One debuted at number one on The New York Times bestseller list and was one of Goodreads’ 10 Best Narrator and Audiobook Pairings of All Time. He has also lent his voice to titles by John Scalzi, Randall Monroe and Joe Hill.

When he isn’t acting, narrating or podcasting, Wil Wheaton is writing. A lot. He is the author of Just A Geek, Dancing Barefoot, The Happiest Days of Our Lives, Hunter, and Dead Trees Give No Shelter, plus a forthcoming novel, All We Ever Wanted Was Everything. He has contributed columns to, The A.V. Club, LA Weekly, Playboy, The Washington Post, and the Suicide Girls Newswire.

In recent years, Wil has earned recognition as an outspoken mental health advocate, chronicling his own journey in his blog and as a public speaker for the National Alliance on Mental Illness. His powerful, candid essay about his struggle with chronic depression and anxiety garnered national attention.

Wil lives in Los Angeles with his badass, irrepressible wife Anne, two rescued dogs, one cat, and two vintage arcade cabinets. If you’re not a robot, you can reach him at:

With more than 25 reality television series comprising over 500 episodes, the GAMEMASTER production team has crafted content for numerous networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, HBO, MTV, VH1, Bravo, TLC and Lifetime.


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