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2020 Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition Finalists


The Atlanta Film Festival is honored to announce the Finalists in the 2020 Screenplay Competition. Chosen from just shy of 1,300 submissions, these screenplays represent those moving forward from our feature film, television pilot, and short film categories.

These aspiring authors are competing for once in a lifetime mentorship opportunities to help hone their screenplays and plan the next steps in their careers. Wish these talented screenwriters well as our programming team takes on the incredibly difficult task of choosing this year’s winners!

Feature Screenplay Finalists

Back To Me — Ora Yashar

Battle Cries — Karen Walker

I.R.L. In Real Life — Justin Shelton

Mother-Daughter — Tricia Lee

My Brother’s Keeper — Josh Schorr

Project Fog — Adva Reichman

The Rat and the Bluebird — T.E. Strong

Shepherd One — Cameron Young

The Shtick-up — Val Bodurtha

Surgeon Hong — Paul Gross

Pilot Screenplay Finalists

Birdsong — Jennifer Dunn

Eterna — Scott Simonsen

Kindly Metal Mother — Kurtis Theorin

Pangea — T. C. Smith

re.Form(ed) — Johnny Gilligan

Red Flag — Suzanne Slack-Smith

Westphall — Keith St. Lawrence

Short Screenplay Finalists

All You Want to Know — Laurel Kulow

Conscience — Brandon Kelley

The Cricket — Gabe Berry

Dunked — John Bickerstaff

Haint — Gabriela McNicoll

Laika — Kate Balsley

Pigskin — Susan Polk


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