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March 10 GGDA Meeting Getting Bigger and Better!


We were sorry to see that GDC was postponed, but our March GGDA meeting is growing into a much larger event than originally planned. We are taking precautions to ensure a safe meeting and will have a good supply of hand sanitizer on hand. The meeting now includes:

  1. An announcement of our Best in Georgia winner;
  2. A panel discussion on how game developers can work with livestreamers and podcasters;
  3. A networking opportunity for game devs to meet with a number of streamers and podcasters;
  4. A brief presentation on how Streetcred is paying streamers to play games; and
  5. (Perhaps most exciting for some of you) a presentation on a new benefits package for GGDA members that includes life insurance, long-term care insurance, financial planning and more!

Panel Discussion
Social media tools continue to grow, but they also grow easier to use. Join us for a discussion on how game devs can use livestreams, podcasts and other new tools to build their brand. Whether you want to start your own channels or use others, this session will give you direction.

We are also inviting out a variety of livestreamers and podcasters who say that they want game developers on their channels, so come meet the people who can help amplify your voice.

If you cannot attend, we are livestreaming the event at However, you will not be able to take part in the networking unless you are present.

Where: VS Realm, 2050 Lawrenceville Hwy Ste D52, North Decatur, GA 30033 (Near Burlington Coats)
Parking: Plenty of free parking in mall lot outside VS Realm.
When: 6 pm Tuesday, March 10
6-7 pm: Networking
7-8 pm: Use Livestreams, Podcasts and More to Promote Your Brand
8-9 pm: Networking
How Much: Free for GGDA, TAG members and registered VS Realm members; $10 all others


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