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Offset, Faze Clan Build Up Atlanta Esports Community


With 15.9 million followers on Instagram, 2.6 million Twitter followers and 13.5 million monthly Spotify listeners, anything Migos rapper Offset does or lends his name to is inevitably going to be a big deal.

So when the 28-year-old Atlanta native went back to his hometown for the first ever homestand for the Call of Duty League’s Faze from Feb. 21-23, he knew he had to show out and give back to the community.

Offset, a member of the influential esports collective Faze Clan, led a $50,000 donation to the American Cancer Society, presented a scholarship to Georgia’s Axis Replay Summer Camps for underprivileged youth interested in gaming and took 200 at-risk kids to the CoD League weekend at Atlanta’s Gateway Center. See more at Forbes.


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