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New product for safe working in COVID-19 era


In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, two young professionals from Atlanta, GA created a product to help businesses return to work safer and smarter. Andy Halpern and Adam Harris Engelhard were childhood best friends who both saw their respective businesses come to a halt when the economy shut down in mid-March. They made it their mission to devise a way to help employees and businesses get back on their feet as quickly and as safely as possible.

Adam, who spent the past year representing the Columbus, GA Film Fund luring economic activity to the area by means of film production, is no stranger to helping Georgians get to work. “Originally we wanted to find an educational solution to help productions get back on track, but after making our rounds in Hollywood we realized we would be most effective offering an education and compliance product that could be custom tailored to any industry.” – Engelhard.

Knowing that timing was of the essence, Adam and Andy raced to get a viable product that they could bring to market. “We were fortunate to quickly team up with seasoned and respected medical and legal advisors to develop and roll out the C19 Certified safety program. We couldn’t be more excited to be a small part in helping people get back to work in the new normal.”  Halpern.

Together they are offering their standard course as a way to help employers ensure their employees are educated on the best workplace practices in the current COVID-19 environment.  In addition to their standard course they are working hand in hand with companies to customize company specific policies and protocols into their educational module and exam. And it’s working! They have already helped several customers despite their product launching on May 7th.  You can find more info about what C19-Certified has to offer at their website or through email at


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