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A Tough Decision & Message To Our Fans, Atlanta Movie Tours to close


A Tough Decision & Message To Our Fans

Atlanta Movie Tours opened in 2012 with the dream of bringing #GeorgiaFilm to life for fans and for 8 years, we have done our best to bring you all of the best in Georgia entertainment. We couldn’t have done it without our amazing staff and partners and our sincerest appreciation goes out to each and every one of you. The memories and friends that have been made on our tours will last a lifetime and we thank all of you for helping to make something so special. We have made the very difficult decision to shut our doors forever but don’t worry, you can still get your fix of The Walking Dead by visiting Cindy, Colin and Stephen in Senoia at The Woodbury Shoppe and grab a panini from Jacob’s Table while you are at it. We also have plenty of tour friends around Atlanta so please check them out! If there are any questions, please direct them to

From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You and Stay Healthy,
Carrie, Anna & Our Amazing Team at Atlanta Movie Tours

Editor’s note: What a great group – Carrie, Anna and their concept. We are confident they will be successful in whatever the next venture is and we hope it will be in the entertainment realm. Prayers and Thoughts with you!


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