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What’s filming in Georgia in December 2020?


While production is expected to drop off for the Christmas/New Year period, the number of active TV and films in Georgia remains robust in early December.

It helps that the COVID-19 caseloads in the state remain relatively low compared to other states and pent-up demand for new TV and film products remain strong.

There are an estimated 38 active productions with 34 listed on the Georgia film office website. This compares to 42 on Nov. 10.

The list provided by the film office is not complete. It’s meant to provide information so production companies know what else is going on in Georgia but productions are not obligated to inform the film office of their shooting dates. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution will try to track at least the more notable productions happening in Georgia that are not included on the official film office list. Netflix has requested some of its better-known shows be omitted for privacy reasons.

The biggest addition to the list since Nov. 10 is the latest big-budget “Spider-Man” sequel starring Tom Holland, which does not have an official name and is expected to debut in theaters in December 2021. Marvel, which shoots films and TV shows at Trilith Studios (formerly Pinewood) in Fayetteville, uses fake names for its films for public consumption, and in this case, the “Spider-Man” film is called “Serenity Now” on the film office website. See more at AJC.


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