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Apply for Dec. 3 SIEGE Investment Conference


This year our annual SIEGE Investment Conference will be hybrid, with pitch teams presenting at Axis Replay to judges both virtual and in person.

Apply HERE to present.

The SIEGE® Investment Conference is the oldest investment conference in the Southeast that focuses on video games and related industries. It gives entrepreneurs in these industries an opportunity to pitch their business concepts to potential investors. Because video games are a mix of creative content and technology, there are many types of businesses that benefit, and/or benefit from,  video game development.  Past presenters have included:

  • Video and tabletop game studios, providers, publishers and facilitators;
  • interactive music producers;
  • esports businesses;
  • livestreaming platforms;
  • social networks;
  • electronic media;
  • search engines developers;
  • middleware developers;
  • interactive products supporting live entertainment;
  • interactive promotional products;
  • including feature films,  books, comic books, eLearning products, virtual reality  arcades and more.

Panelists include VCs, angel investors, successful entrepreneurs, digital media experts and more.


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