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Georgia’s OPTIK Studios Is Making Extended Reality A Reality For Everyone


OPTIK Studios is defining the future of visual experiences with a brand-new versatile, production-ready extended reality (xR) facility. Located in Norcross, Georgia, the LED virtual production studio is bringing infinite possibilities to businesses and production companies in and around Georgia.

Extended Reality, or xR in short, combines the physical with the digital world to create entirely new, immersive environments. People and objects can be placed in recreated existing or imagined virtual environments without the audience noticing the difference between what is real and what is not.

“With the rapid evolution of the metaverse, digital and physical spaces are increasingly merging”, said Nick Rivero, co-founder of OPTIK Studios.

“Not only does extended reality ease the production process for filmmakers and creative directors, but it also creates visual experiences their audience need, and at this point, expect.”

Unlike filming in real locations, directors in the virtual production studio are in full control of their environments. Switching locations? Press of a button. Endless golden hour? Press of a button. Don’t like where that car is parked? Move it out of the way with the press of a button.

“As a Creative Director, I know how important it is to create visuals that audiences are drawn to, that they cannot take their eyes off of”, said OPTIK Studios co-founder, Sarah Linebaugh.

“Coming from the live events space, we understand the needs of audiences and what draws their attention, which is immensely useful when trying to engage viewers virtually.”

From virtual set design to full-service production capabilities, OPTIK Studios does it all. With the mission to make extended reality a reality for everyone, the cutting-edge LED xR studio offers streamlined, high-quality solutions for virtual events, corporate communication, and film production.

The studio is powered by Atlanta-based, industry-acclaimed xR experts MEPTIK in partnership with the Creative Technology Group, a global supplier of specialist AV equipment to the sports, corporate, entertainment & broadcast industries.  MEPTIK’s team has worked in the virtual production space for years, producing innovative visual experiences for Fortune 500 companies such as Ford and TikTok.

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