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Why Augusta National allowed Dude Perfect to film at Amen Corner


There are certain names we associate with Amen Corner: Hogan. Freddie. Tiger.

After this weekend, it’s time to add a few. How ’bout Tyler, Cory, Coby, Garrett and Cody?!

The times, they are a-changing. This weekend marked the third playing of the Augusta National Women’s Amateur. It marked the arrival of Netflix cameras on property for Masters Week. And it marked the drop of a YouTube video unlike any other: Dude Perfect’s “All Sports Golf Battle at the Masters.” That video’s existence is indicative of how some things are changing at Augusta — while other things are exactly the same.

If you haven’t yet seen the video for yourself, the voice of Jim Nantz provides introduction (“Hello friends” and all!) before a sixsome (the aforementioned five plus Bryson DeChambeau) tees off No. 11 at Augusta National. But instead of clubs, their golf bags are filled with a variety of alternative sporting equipment. Over the next 11 minutes they play Nos. 11-13 using frisbees, baseball bats, pool cues and more, with one rule: Once you use an implement, you can’t use it again. One competitor is eliminated per hole and hijinks ensue: Competitors swing and miss. A soccer ball trundles in the water. DeChambeau ends up in Rae’s Creek. And so on. Read more here.


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