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The State of Esports in Georgia: Adaptive Gaming Creator Cup, US Esports Federation Update, Highlight on Columbus State University


Last week GHOST gaming hosted the Adaptive Gaming Creator Cup! The 5000 dollar 1v1 tournament was also a fundraiser for Nerve Gaming.  Over 3500 people participated in the leaderboard style event. The final 3 hours of the week-long competition was streamed watch-party style out of Skillshot studio where we hopped from

The likes of Tenacity, Basilisk, NEBBIIEE and adaptive Gamer Dizzble. You can catch the VOD at twitchtv/ghostgamingRL. 

Update from the us esports federation – US CS:GO Female Team took Bronze at the World Esports Championship in Romania. Losing out to Argentina in a rematch. Congratulations to them and all the US esports competitors.

Collegiate seasons are kicking off and tryouts are getting underway. Highlight today on Columbus State University – originally only planning on two valorant teams for peach belt conference. The CSU esports program had so many people show up, they are developing an academy team for the first time ever! Academy will scrim and do vod review with CSU Blue as the program continues to develop.  

College carball is going to look a little different this fall season – the national Rocket League… league announced it will not have a b-stream. CCA having a b-stream with top-tier casters like Georgia based Vodible has been a boon for visibility of collegiate esports.  CCA did say they intend to bring back the b-stream at some point in the future, though no hard date given and “would love to facilitate community-level streams for fall”. We’ll be waiting to see what that could look like. 

Though, not necessarily a CCA focused stream – we would like to highlight a community stream that focuses on all sorts of Collegiate rocket league. Friday Night Lights, hosted by Georgia native Mr.Bepic has been highlighting great collegiate Rocket league from the South Eastern Esports League and general show matches. 

In recent broadcasts we’ve been able to watch UGA, GA State, and Maroon Tiger Gaming take on various opponentwith UGA and GA STATE getting some 4-0 Sweeps. Tune in this Friday at for more collegiate Rocket league. 

Watch for more updates here on Georgia Entertainment News and future episodes of the ‘State of Esports’ brought to you by Skillshot Media, Ghost Gaming and the Georgia Esports League.


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