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Plant Riverside Officially Launches Recording Studio at District Live in Savannah


Singers, songwriters and musicians from all around the Coastal Empire strolled into District Live Monday night. While there was plenty of food, drinks and music in the performance hall, the real star of the night was not on the stage. It was the new state-of-the-art recording studio just yards away.

Studio Producer Jon Bonus is excited about the possibilities for the studio. “We’re going to have industry standard stuff here for music, for creatives. You won’t have to leave to go to LA, Nashville, Atlanta; you can stay here and do it and that’s what we want to cultivate.”

While the party on Monday was the official launch, the studio has been open for a few months. Singer-songwriter Thomas Claxton has been in a lot of recording studios over the years and had an opportunity to play in the Studio at District Live with legendary drummer Bernard “Pretty” Purdie, Will McFarlane, and Carmine Rojas, the former bass player for David Bowie. “I’ve been through a ton of studios over the years. From smaller ones all the way up to Capital Records, and I like what they’ve got going on there at District Live Studios because it’s a compact area and you don’t need a huge studio to do a huge job.

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