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Georgia-based Tytan wins rights to produce Darryl Strawberry’s life story


By Mollee D. Harper, Senior Editor

Award-winning Tytan Pictures, LLC has bested many other studios vying for the rights to produce the life story of former American Major League Baseball right fielder, Darryl Eugene Strawberry Sr.

The company says they were recently selected to bring one of the most feared sluggers of all time to life on the big screen. Strawberry’s 17-year career includes a trip to the World Series with the New York Mets and another three with the New York Yankees. And, he was voted to the All-Star Game eight straight times. Strawberry’s memoir was published in 2009, shedding some new insights into controversies and personal struggles surrounding Strawberry’s public career and life. 

Jim Stone, CEO explained, “This story and its message are so important. It’s a story of personal tragedy and triumph at the highest levels.”

Tytan’s team of superb story sharers has five Emmys and 250 awards to their credit in ten years’ time. The careful attention they give to meaningful and moving film production is sure to add more depth and understanding to Strawberry’s plight and the esteemed career of this American Baseball hero to so many.

Jim added, “This is so much more than a baseball hero’s story. After reading his book and meeting with Darryl in person, you cannot come away without being truly inspired. We are truly honored to have been selected to bring his story to the big screen.”

Tytan Creates, LLC was founded by principals Jim Stone, CEO and Executive Producer, his wife, Roxy Stone, Director of Photography, and Scott Jacobs who serves as President and Chief Creative Officer. Walter C. Rocker is CFO for Tytan Pictures, LLC.


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