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Technology Association of Georgia publication lists Who’s Who in Media and Entertainment Technology


The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), one of the nation’s largest state trade organizations dedicated to technology and innovation, recently released its Georgia Game Changers: Who’s Who in Digital Media & Entertainment Tech list in the latest issue of the organization’s Hub Magazine.     

The list identifies key players from the state’s Media Technology companies and organizations who are leading the way in leveraging technology in the industry.  Media Tech executives included on the list were:

·        Paul D. Hamm, Endavo Media

·        Bob Hesskamp, Turner

·        Ben Lawrence, Bounce TV/Katz Broadcasting

·        Andrew Greenberg, Georgia Game Developers Association

·        Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Studios

·        Ashish Mistry, Kontrol Freek

·        Molly Proffitt, Ker-Chunk Games

·        Joseph Saulter, Entertainment Arts Research Inc.

·        Asante Bradford, Georgia Department of Economic Development

·        Misty Holcomb, Georgia Studio & Infrastructure Alliance (GISA)  

·        Kris Maher, One Ring Networks

·        Jeffery Stepakoff, Georgia Film Academy

 The Peach State dominates in the Media and Entertainment tech industry. TV networks, film studios, digital gaming and more created $6 billion in economic impact in Georgia in 2015 and the state is the 3rd most profitable in the nation when it comes to entertainment, behind California and New York, respectively.  The Media and Entertainment issue of Hub Magazine focuses on the tech side of this vibrant industry in Georgia. 


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