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Cindy Hogan Talks Georgia Film and The Case for Christ


By Rebecca Daniel, Senior Editor

“There’s something about the south.” At least that’s what Cindy Hogan says. And she should know. She’s one of the principal actors in “The Case for Christ” filmed right here in Georgia. The film is in theaters everywhere just in time for Easter. It tells the true story of Lee Strobel, an investigative journalist attempting to disprove Christianity after his wife finds faith. 

I had the opportunity to talk to Cindy Hogan, the actress who portrays Lorena Strobel (Lee’s mother) in the film. Cindy, an L.A. native, discussed why she left California for Georgia.

“I’m from Los Angeles originally and my husband was in the Army then he retired. So I was back and forth a lot in Atlanta, L.A., and New York. So when he decided he wanted to go back to work I said pick L.A., Atlanta or New York and he said Atlanta. And I said ‘yep I think that’s where we should go, that’s where things are happening.’ I think we’re all on the leading edge out here as to setting the standard of how we like things to go. I think we’re growing so fast and I think it’s really exciting for both the state of Georgia and the film industry in general.”

What’s the difference between filming in Georgia and L.A? “I think the process itself is the same. The people is what makes it so different. I think there’s a culture in LA and I think it’s been there for a long time. When people say there’s something about the South, there really is something about the south. People are kind here, they’re considerate. I’m not saying that L.A. or New York aren’t, I think it’s just been a culture there and I don’t think everybody’s like that. I think everybody’s a cheerleader out here. Everybody wants us as a whole, as an industry to do well.”

As I asked what drew her to the film, she said the book was given to her in 2000.

“I loved it. I had atheists in my family. I thought it was a great vehicle to see that side of something. Fast-forward several years later and the opportunity to read for this and I thought ‘oh my gosh I remember this book. This is a fantastic book.’ I was very excited. I felt like I was already a part of that.”

Cindy made quite an impact on Lee Strobel explaining, “It was wonderful when I got to meet Lee himself. I think one of the most loving compliments I’ve ever had was when we got through shooting one of the scenes and he came up to me afterwards and said ‘Thank you. I feel like I just spent 20 minutes with my mother.'”

She spoke of her wonderful set experience with the film’s director, Jon Gunn.

Director Jon Gunn, Robert Forster, Cindy Hogan, and founder of PureFlix, David A.R. White

“Jon Gunn set the tone for the set’s wonderful atmosphere. Everyone was relaxed and supportive of one another and I think that comes from Jon because that was who he was and he really did set the tone. He’s an actor’s director. You totally get what he’s trying to communicate. He worked with each person individually.”

Be on the lookout for Cindy’s next project, also filmed in Georgia.

“I just finished a documentary called 1% chance. It’s about John Tull and Lucinda Marker. They’re a married couple out of New Mexico who ended up getting the bubonic plague in 2002. It’s a fascinating story. It’s really based on her story and her point of view. It’s a heartfelt story.”

As we ended our chat, Cindy encouraged people to see The Case for Christ stating,”it’s important on a spiritual level, but entertaining as well.” As someone who has seen the film, I completely agree with her.

You can catch The Case for Christ in theaters now.


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