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#GAfilm Review: A Bad Moms Christmas (3 of 5 Stars)


By Christina Nicole, Senior Writer

It’s holiday time and the this year’s Christmas movies are here. A Bad Moms Christmas ushers in this year’s holiday season with some giggles.

Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis and Kathryn Hahn reprise their roles from the original Bad Moms film in the holiday sequel. They were stressed, navigating the crowded malls, searching for the must-have gifts and trying to plan the perfect celebrations for their families; but that does not last.  Our favorite Bad Moms are #reclaimingtheirtime. They vow to enjoy the holidays as opposed to being overwhelmed by them.

Of course the blissful relaxation of giving up on providing the perfect Christmas is short lived because the mothers of all three moms show up unannounced. We have an over-involved/clingy mom, an overbearing/critical mom, and a relative deadbeat mom; and for the most part, hilarity ensues when the mother-daughter duos interact.

Christine Baranski is a devilish delight as Mila Kunis’s mom, but the whole film falls short of good. The laughs in A Bad Moms Christmas are mostly cheap, shock laughs or slapstick. It feels like Superbad for moms, but with only half the laughs. It’s a fun, dumb film. The acting is good, the people and scenes are beautiful, but the story is a bit lacking. Overall, A Bad Moms Christmas is an enjoyable experience for all.

It’s 3 of 5 stars at best.

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