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Film and Entertainment Updates from Savannah and Coastal Georgia


Commentary by Randy Davidson, President of Georgia Entertainment 

On Georgia’s coast this week we had some really great meetings with the Savannah Regional Film Commission, Savannah Film Alliance, the soon to be officially announced Coastal Entertainment Alliance and others. We ended our trip speaking at the Savannah Film Alliance meeting held at Savannah Technical College.

Attorney Charles Bowen runs the Savannah Film Alliance and shared about the upcoming Honors Gala in November. I was able to share about the efforts of many to continue promoting Georgia’s Entertainment Industry Investment Act and the Unscripted Roadshow coming soon to Savannah and John Grace shared about educational opportunities in the region. Renee Leventis shared about film updates and Beth Nelson spoke about IATSE, upcoming programs for members and spending in the region since the strike started.

The Savannah Film Alliance invited Matt Campbell to share about the launch of the Coastal Entertainment Alliance. He and others spoke about the mission to promote the 113 miles of coastline to filmmakers and entertainment executives. Several from counties/regions represented down the coast including Bert Brantley of the Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce talked about the incredible opportunity to collaborate on ways to further build the creative economy collectively and cooperatively. Other speakers included Kat Hoyt CEO-President, Darien-McIntosh Chamber or Commerce; Christy Sherman, Executive Director Richmond Hill Convention and Visitors Bureau; and Zach Dykes, Project Manager Development Authority of Bryan County.

Representative Al Williams, representing the coast for more than 20 years, spoke about Liberty County’s role and how the film credit has been so key for Georgia’s economy. “We need to be careful dabbling with the film tax credit and progress made in Georgia. Others like Louisiana dabbled and look what happened there.”

Also of note: since the strike started, the Savannah region booked $43 million in union sanctioned budgeted projects – the most of any region. Other news from our trip later related to studio opportunities…

Go Georgia. Go Georgia’s Coast!

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