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Governor Kemp Discusses Georgia’s Film Industry, Rural Growth, and Business Competitiveness with Game Changers host, Angela Ward


As part of the strategic partnership between Georgia Entertainment and Game Changers, we present this interview between Angela Ward and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.  As a result of this alliance, we cast a spotlight on the ever-evolving entertainment sphere, celebrating its rich diversity and showcasing the talent and leadership propelling Georgia’s creative economy forward. Reach out to Angela Ward

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp recently sat down for a conversation with Game Changers host Angela Ward to discuss the state’s burgeoning film industry and his commitment to maintaining Georgia’s status as the top state for business.

Topics included:

  • Summary of Georgia’s economic growth in rural Georgia
  • South Georgia Studios and PhilanthroFilms, film growth beyond Atlanta
  • The film infrastructure invested in and owned by Georgians

Governor Kemp also highlights the potential for Georgia to become an even more attractive destination for film production than traditional industry hubs like Los Angeles and New York. Governor Kemp expresses his optimism that Georgia will emerge from the strike as a highly sought-after location with lower costs for productions than other locations.


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