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Nonprofits and Giving in Entertainment: Cure NF with Jack, No Stopping


Georgia’s film and entertainment community has an unquestioned charitable aspect.

During the strike, there have been numerous food drives, support gatherings and donation collections to support those that have suffered most during this period. Many of these efforts are not publicized but those served will never forget the kindness.

There are many soft-hearted Georgians that give to the arts and entertainment space individually as well. We all know these individuals, but you might be surprised who has funded some of the structures, events and initiatives that many of us enjoy today.

As noted several months back, the industry is alive and well with donations that are not accounted for in studies about the economic impact of the Creative Economy on Georgia. Auction items at fundraising galas all over Georgia have raised hundreds of thousands for nonprofits based in Georgia. (Ozark AirBNB packages, activities with celebrities, Soundstage usage, Luxury transportation and the list goes on.)

Let’s not forget the causes Georgia storytellers have near and dear to their hearts. Human trafficking, alzheimer’s, bullying, diversity, homelessness, cancer are all causes that have the support and donated time of our most talented musicians, filmmakers, gamers and professionals serving the creative industries.

Cure NF with Jack is a Georgia-based nonprofit focused on an effective treatment and cure for neurofibromatosis through the funding of research. This is one of the nonprofits we highlight at our events and is supported by many in Georgia’s entertainment industry. We played (badly) in their annual golf fundraiser this week. Jack was there, doing great. An incredible story, on pace for success in their research toward a cure.

See a few more pictures here. Learn more about Cure NF with Jack here.

Commentary by Randy Davidson, President of Georgia Entertainment


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