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Walking the Land in South Georgia: A visit to Brooks and Lowndes County


Walking the Land in South Georgia: We were in Brooks and Lowndes County this week meeting with officials and partners about the upcoming Georgia Unscripted roadshow scheduled for January 26, 2024. This event was supposed to happen in September, but postponed because of hurricane Idalia’s damage to the region.

We met with friends at the South Georgia Film Office to hear about productions in progress, educational initiatives and other activities going in the Valdosta and surrounding communities. We made our way to the future home of South Georgia Studios – 112 acres certified as GRAD ready owned by South Georgia Studios LLC. The studio campus will include purposed built sound stages, backlot, mill and office space. Walking the land and hearing about all the local private/public support was truly inspiring. (Honnie Korngold Gary Korngold)

PhilanthroFilms, INC, a 501(c)3 charitable entity, is a key part of the region’s development. (Cathy Parker) The organization has partnered with school systems, private and public institutions to train the local workforce in film production. The Georgia Film Academy will reside in PhilanthroFilms facilities in partnership with South Georgia’s Technical and University Systems making film production sustainable throughout the southern region of the state. Other partnerships for job training and career development are in negotiations.

On several occasions, the Governor has expressed his support for rural expansion of film and entertainment throughout the state and specifically in South Georgia. Something special is happening here.

Make sure you are signed up to attend the Georgia Unscripted Roadshow on January 26th. It will be at the Rainwater Conference Center and likely the largest of all of the events we have held in this series.

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Commentary by Randy Davidson



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