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New nominations for Pinewood’s post production sound team


Pinewood is proud to learn that Planet Coaster, which Glen Gathard and his award-winning post production sound team worked on last year, has been nominated in the Best Audio for an Indie Game and Best Sound Design on a Casual/Social Game as voting opens for the 15th Annual G.A.N.G. Awards, which celebrates excellence in games audio.

The G.A.N.G. Awards recognize music, sound design and voice acting as 3 distinct disciplines.   They identify the highest quality and achievement of individuals, projects and products offering significant and positive impact on the art and craft of producing interactive audio, its community and the interactive industry.  Criteria is judged on production value, quality, innovation and community service.

Planet Coaster from Frontier Games, sees players create their own avatar and build different theme park rides and rollercoasters.  They create attractions through a mechanic called ‘global village’ and Planet Coaster comes with ten mascots and three games modes.

Jim Croft, Head of Audio at Frontier Games said:  “We are delighted to see Planet Coaster nominated for Best Audio in an Indie Game and Best Sound Design in a Casual/Social game. Thanks to GANG for the nominations, and thanks also to the exceptional team at Pinewood who assisted us in bringing our crowds to life.”


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