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“Before I Fall” – Review (2 of 5 Stars)


by Christina Nicole, Senior Editor

Before I Fall is a slow burn. It lacks the drama and intrigue that Pretty Little Liars had, but it seems to be pandering to the same crowd. Some teenage girls may enjoy the melodramatic death day of Zoey Deutch’s Samantha Kingston, but the rest of the population will likely want to pass on this film.

Groundhog Day is a funny movie, but Before I Fall, which uses the same basic concept- the main character relives the same day until she gets the ending right, is not. The times Sam relives the same day are devoid of comic relief. The movie is bland; it felt like it ended the first time Samantha lived through “Cupid Day.” The audience must sit through that same day multiple times with a few changes.

Before I Fall feels like a Lifetime Movie with a big screen budget. The pacing, the acting and the story are all mediocre. The characters lack depth; even the central conflict of the film falls flat. The movie doesn’t evoke much commentary or conversation; it leaves the audience with a gray and damp Pacific Northwest ‘meh.’

The film is a 2 of 5 stars.


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