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Movie Review: Support the Girls (2 of 5 stars)


Support the Girls is the newest film from writer/director Andrew Bujalski, and it stars one on my favorite actresses, Regina Hall.

The film leaves lots to be desired. The story lacks excitement- the drama is mild and the comedy is even more mild; at best the film is lukewarm. It is very much an independent “comedy.” The film drags and lags with few jokes or chuckle worthy moments. The direction is fine, the cinematography is fine and the overall production value is not lacking, but the film largely falls flat. The dialogue is quite real and believable, but the story is missing direction; it just doesn’t flow well.

The store mentions a bunch of girls in need of support, but doesn’t give significant details as to why these girls need support; in this regard, the story is underdeveloped. We are not given much reason to want to support these girls. The story feels restrained, and the performances show it.

The acting in Support the Girls is not too bad, but it isn’t great. While I love Regina Hall, her relatively inconsistent “Texan accent” throughout the film was frustrating at best; it truly detracted from her performance. Her character has a big heart and wants what is best for those around her, and the way she attempts to help causes problems. Regina Hall is reserved yet warm, and aside from the accent provides a good performance.

I give the film 2 of 5 stars, but many others like it. I would suggest using your time more wisely than sitting through Support the Girls; take a nap or scroll through Instagram. Support the Girls played at SXSW, the Macon Film Festival and opens at Midtown Art Cinema this weekend, so you don’t have to take my word for it.


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