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In One Minute: How Georgia’s Entertainment Industry Investment Act Facilitates Local Creative Economies


This animated, one minute video illustrates how the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act impacts the state’s creative economy.

Note: Join us as we gather legislators and local government officials with filmmakers, producers, musicians, gamers, artists and other entertainment executives throughout the state. The Georgia Unscripted roadshow targets key communities that are strategic and influential in regards to the legislative review of the film tax credit. Together with our partners and advocacy organizations, these events will provide exposure, education and engagement around the theme of progressive policy toward Georgia’s creative economy. Contact us to learn how your organization can be a part of this effort. 

Georgia’s economy is ranked #1 in most every major category measured by experts. Over the years, progressive policy toward the arts, culture and the digital entertainment industries in Georgia have created one of the most diverse economies in America. The most visible and impacting investment Georgia has made in building its creative economy is the film tax incentive.

Internationally recognized as a huge success, the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act gets better with time creating thousands of jobs for Georgians. And not just for film, but this investment has spurred growth in other areas of digital entertainment like music, digital production and gaming. And today, the convergence is real and Georgia is the answer. From remote work trends, the demand for creative jobs, and the desire of multinational companies to locate to culturally rich regions.

Let’s embrace and celebrate  the success of this investment. Join us as we explore ways to further expand Georgia’s diverse and creative economy to all parts of the state. 



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